What Customers say

– Mdm Nur Hidayah, Choa Chu Kang Cresent

I have been giving booster for my kids for the past 1A½ years.I signed up in the monthly package scheme so that I get some privileges from Halal foods International like free shakers and other free gifts when they have promotions. Furthermore Halal foods booster is very good. My kids really like the product and they say they feel very alert and active . Those days they use to come back after school and straight go to bed and sleep four a few hours with the help of http://Beatpartypoker.com. Nowadays they come back and first thing they do is finish their homework. I can now see that they are more energetic then before and still have time to play games. They are very cheerful too. Their studies are good and they did well in exams. Thanks to Halal foods booster and Halal foods International and I like to acknowledge that their service is very good with this post.