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What is Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is a food substance specially produced by the younger bees, so that the queen bee can feed. Due to the use of this substance as food, the queen bee manifests the magical effect of Royal Jelly. It is 50% to 80% larger than the worker bees, its life span is 6 to 8 years, while the worker bee only lives about 2 to 4 months, unbelievably the queen bee can produce up to 2000 eggs a day. The total weight of these eggs is heavier than the queen bee itself. This makes the queen bee healthier and stronger. The ingredients in Royal Jelly are easily digested by our body. It is also good for accelerating metabolism, cure certain ill effects and provide extra nutrition. By using Royal Jelly regularly, you will have a healthier and vigorous life.

Fresh Royal Jelly

Fresh Royal Jelly is sticky, milky, and slightly yellowish. it looks lucid and pasty and has a tart taste. it also stimulates the tongue. sometime a special odor can evolve from it. at high temperatures the nutritional substances of Royal Jelly is easily destroyed. it also degrades rather quickly. it’s color will change from milk yellow to brown and it will smell bad and become rotten. fresh Royal Jelly must be frozen to preserve its quality.

Halal Foods Lyophilized Royal Jelly

Halal foods Royal Jelly on the other hand is pure lyophilized Royal Jelly. it is freshly collected and immediately frozen at the right temperature to preserve all its nutritional and natural goodness. moisture is then removed giving you the purest and potent form of Royal Jelly. Halal Foods anhydrous Royal Jelly is 3.3 times stronger than its original concentration because of this process called lyophilization. Not only does it maintain its goodness, it also has a long shelf life.

Effect Of Royal Jelly On Human Body

German & Japanese scientist for life and naturopath pointed out the following conspicuous effect of Royal Jelly: –

Retards the aging process and improves blood circulation

Increase stamina and sexual function

Helps blackheads, freckles, pimples and keeps skin healthy

Increases physical strength and relieves fatigue

Helps improve bad appetite

Improves the absorption of nutrition

Treats and prevents constipation and improves the evacuation of excreta

Relieves arthritic and rheumatic disorder

Helps in insomnia

Reliever from climacteric disturbances and prevention from decrepitude


Taking 2 to 4 tablets daily will give optimum results. all products are guaranteed pure, fresh and natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do bees produce the Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is produced by field bees of 20 days old. These field bees go out to the field every day looking for flowers for nectar and collect pollen from various plants. They bring the pollen with their hind legs back to their hive. They then feed the pollen to worker bees of 3 days old or 12-13 days old. When the pollen is digested and absorbed by bees, the nutrient will be transmitted through their vascular system to the salivary gland in the bee’s head. One is mandibular gland, the other is hypopharyngeal gland. These two glands can excrete milk – like or salivary – gland substance. These excretes are called Royal Jelly.

What is the structure of bee’s society?

Bees are small insects with well-organized social life. There is only one queen bee in a group of 20,000 – 50,000 bees. Queen bee and worker bees are all female. They are descended from the copulation of queen bee and male bee. But drones are hatched from unfertilized eggs. This is a peculiar phenomenon of reproduction.

Can we produce Royal Jelly?

Human beings cannot produce Royal Jelly, only bees can. in the insect world, only bees produce their own nutritional food. But Royal Jelly is not for all bees. Only the queen bee can have this food. In other words, Royal Jelly is for the queen bee only. Other worker bees or male bees can have it for 3 days after hatching, from the 4 th day; they have to take honey and pollen.

Fresh Royal Jelly must be frozen to keep fresh. why?

Royal Jelly contains many nutritional substances such as protein, carbohydrate, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They are the main source of food for bees. These substances can easily become degraded and rotten. High temperature is the major factor for degradation. Like other foods, Royal Jelly can be easily contaminated during processing. They have to be frozen so its fresh for a long time.

What are the differences between Royal Jelly and honey?

Many people know very little about Royal Jelly and honey. the compositions of Royal Jelly and honey are strictly different. Royal Jelly is not collected by the field bees from flowers. they are specially created by the worker bees for the queen. the worker bees have two glands, which excrete a sticky and milk-white substance, which is food for the queen bee. this special food contains protein, mineral, vitamins and various amino acids. . honey is the pollen collected by field bees of 20 days old and stored in the hive to provide the food for worker bees and drones. honey is brown and tastes sweet like sugar.

What are the major ingredients of Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly contains mostly protein, carbohydrate, mineral, and vitamins etc…besides, it also contains acetylcholine which will strengthen liver and gall and stimulate sympathetic nerve.

 What ingredients in Royal Jelly do people pay much attention to?

Besides protein, mineral, amino acid, and vitamins, the Royal Jelly contains 10-hydroxy decenoic acid and paroten. Royal Jelly tastes sour because it contains 10-hydroxy decenoic acid.

This acid can inhibit the bacterial growth. it also has the function of anti-cancer. consequently the medical scientists pay much attention to it. paroten is a stimulator from salivary gland. it can revitalize the old cells. the reason why the Royal Jelly has the function of revitalization is that it can promote the cell metabolism and revitalize the old cells. the vitamins contained in Royal Jelly are mostly vitamin B group.

What is the best time in a day to eat Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is a natural food. It can be taken at any time, but it is not good to eat Royal Jelly when you have just taken other food. The best time to take Royal Jelly is in the morning when your stomach is empty.

What kind of apparatus is the most proper to be used for eating Royal Jelly?

Don’t use metal apparatus for Royal Jelly because the chemical reaction could easily occur and might have bad effect on Royal Jelly. The apparatus made of wood or plastics will be more safe and reliable. The used apparatus must be cleaned before using again to prevent the Royal Jelly from contamination and degradation.

If you want to send Royal Jelly and honey as gifts to your relatives or friends, which one is better?

If you want to mix them together, what is the appropriate proportion?

The combination of Royal Jelly and honey can be made at any proportion. The more Royal Jelly, the better. But Royal Jelly is more expensive than honey. People usually mix one unit of Royal Jelly with 3 units of honey. But the proportion varies with individual.

Royal Jelly is reported to have the function of rejuvenating one’s life. is there any truth in it?

How is it effected?

About 80% of people who eat Royal Jelly will see results within 30 days. But there are also people who’s results have taken 3 to 6 months . According to scientist it varies from person to person and also based on individual metabolism. From the experiment conducted by scientist, Royal Jelly actually has the efficacy of rejuvenation.

It is said that Royal Jelly can rejuvenate one’s life. What are the features of its function?

Those who take Royal Jelly constantly are energetic and easily recover from fatigue. Old cells can be revitalized. Royal Jelly is not a philter. It just makes the metabolism normal. If we take Royal Jelly constantly, we can get rid of many malaise’s such as neurasthenia, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, constipation, insomnia, arthritis, muscle tension, eye fatigue etc.

Royal Jelly can keep our body from aging and can rejuvenate our life. What is the difference between them?

Rejuvenation is the recovery of our physiological function. But the prevention of body aging is to prolong the declination of physiological function.

What kind of colors our diencephalons can show with different ages? Can we verify the efficacy of Royal Jelly with these different colors?

According to the report the color of men’s diencephalon changes as our age increases. The color of diencephalon in young men of about 20 years old is green. After 25, it is yellow. At climacteric age, it changes to orange. After 60 it becomes red mingled with a little orange. From the color change of diencephalon, we can verify the Royal Jelly can prevent aging and can rejuvenate our body.

Does other nutritional food have the same functions with Royal Jelly?

Many other nutritional foods have been tested. but the efficacy is not as good as Royal Jelly. The functions of estrogen and testosterone are not as significant as Royal Jelly. Some experiments have been done on other drugs like anthiarteriosclerosis and liver-intensifier, but no function of anti-aging is found.