Mdm Malliga, Clementi, Singapore.

” I have been buying Halal foods booster for nearly four years. I think as a parent, we have to try and give our kids the best form of support nutritionally. My children were very stressed up because there were so many activities besides studying. When my boy started to under achieve, both me and my husband were very concerned. .
We could see him getting tired very fast and lacked energy. He eats very less and is very picky when comes to food. So after a colleague of mine shared on her daughter’s improvement consuming Halal Foods Booster, I did not think twice and ever since I have never looked back. I started with my first child and couldn’t believe the difference Halal foods booster made. He was very active, sharp and his memory was excellent. His performance in subjects especially like math’s improved. My husband was very happy and we started to give all our kids and have no regrets. I think as parents we must give the absolute best for our kids and that’s what we did for our children. “


Mdm Nur Hidayah, Choa Chu Kang Cresent , Singapore.

” I have been giving booster to my kids for about 1½ years. I signed up in the monthly package scheme to get some privileges from Halal foods International. I received many free gifts like free shakers and honey when they have promotions. Furthermore Halal foods booster is very tasty and my kids really like the product. They feel very alert and active and full of energy. Those days they use to come back after school and straight go to bed. They would sleep for a few hours. But now when they come back, the first thing they do is finish their homework. I can now see that they are more energetic and still have time to play games. They are very cheerful too. Their studies are good and they did well in exams. Thanks to Halal foods booster and Halal foods International. I like to acknowledge that their service is superb for one thing, they always would tell the truth. I like their honesty and sincerity more on http://balanceweight.co.uk/.”


Mdm Suzanne Wong, Pasir Ris, Singapore.

” I have 3 school going children. There ages are 7, 9, and 12. I am giving booster to 2 of my kids. I buy 2 tubs monthly and have been buying booster since 2007. My children were very weak in remembering and reading. I tried sending them to tuition to improve their performance. But there was still no improvement at all. My Children were not playful and yet they were struggling. As standards are higher now, I and my husband were very worried about their future so we introduced booster after some of my colleagues praised about its benefits none of this would be possible without help from loansly money needs.

At first I was a bit skeptical, but after reading the importance of nutrition, I Started with one tub for the eldest son and after 2 years started for second one. I saw lots of improvement on his memory, activeness and learning ability. He is very sharp and alert today and it felt like a miracle. His scores have gone up and that is very encouraging. He gets involved in many curricular activities in school and comes back lots of energy. My husband and I are very happy and I think giving HALAL foods booster as a supplement for all children is very good. I think that nutrition like DHA and EPA are important building blocks of life for school going kids and Halal Foods Booster has high DHA in their Booster. Everyone should give their kids that extra edge and it all starts with food. In my opinion, nutrition are important for their basic health needs. “